My Equipment

I do not endorse any particular brand, but because I am frequently asked what equipment I use, here is a list of the equipment I am currently using.
I believe any of the major brands are capable of providing excellent results and we must remember that,” photographers take pictures........the camera, lenses and other accessories are just tools of the trade”
Digital Cameras:
Nikon D3
Nikon D4
Nikon 800e
Sony A7r (Mirrorless)
Sony A7rII (Mirrorless with in-camera Image Stabilization)

Sigma 15mm Fish Eye AF 2.8 D EX – Nikon Mount
Sigma 150mm 2.8 Macro – Nikon Mount
Nikon 28-300mm (Super lens and my most used)
Tamron 28-300mm – Sony mount for the A7r & A7rII
Nikon ED AF VR – Nikkor 80-400mm
Nikon 300mm 2.8
Nikon 500mm plus 1.4x & 2x teleconverters
Tamron 200-500mm
Tamron Teleconverter
Singh-Ray - Circular Polarizing Filters, Vari-ND Filter, and occasionally an LB
Color Intensifier Filter.

Sekonic L-758DR Light Meter
Nikon SB-900 flash and off camera cord
Nikon SB-R200 Macro Flash units (wireless)
Vivitar 283 flash and off camera cord
6 volt lithium external battery packs for flash units
Better beamer flash extender
Photoflex LiteDisc diffusers and reflectors

Macro: Nikon No. 3T close-up filter
Canon 500D close-up filter
Bellows unit with focusing rail
Note: I find that the close-up filters work extremely well on the
Tamron 28-300mm Zoom lens and this lens also works well as a
bellows lens at the longer focal lengths (200-300mm) giving you a
good working distance from your subject.
Manfrotto #055 legs with 3028 Super 3D Head.
Manfrotto 458B Neotec Pro with 322RC2 Horizontal Grip Action
Ball Head.
Manfrotto 190CXPRO4 with a Really Right Stuff Ball Head and Angle Brackets
Nodal Ninja panorama head
Note: I almost always use a tripod. The number of shots I take hand held, except when using a flash for close-up work, are very few.
I use a photo vest from “Vested Interest” ( I have tried many camera packs over the years and find these vests are really the answer. They hold tons of gear and are very comfortable in any weather.
In winter I wear a pair of fabulous gloves/mitts from the heat company ( another great product is “Ear Bags” ……. I never leave home without them …………. “If your ears are warm then you are too”

All my printing is done on Epson printers, 2880, 3800 & 9890, P800 & P9000. I print on a wide variety of papers and canvas.